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Project Development

Each market has it’s own particularities. A business plan that will work in Canada will not entirely fit to the market in U.K. Our vast experience as well as our extensive network of stakeholders (lawyers, accountants, marketeers, researchers) allow us to bring you the best solutions for your needs.


Market research

A brand is more than a logo


Legal Support

Greate website say more with less text



User Experience is the most important part of your website


Funding solutions

2019 come with an 80% video increase


Permits & licences

With us your image will be a brand


Digital Services

Customers eyes are fixate on main image

Project Development is the phase in which we go deeper into the process of bringing you business to the UK. After having dealt with all the necessary documentation and registrations in the first phase. Depending on the type of business, you might need Legal Support, a local accountant, permits & licences or even funding solutions such a loans or crowdfunding campaigns. Besides this, we also provide A to Z digital services, from creating a logo, to designing a website, to social media and Google AdWords campaigns, photo-video services and much more. Please consult our Digital Services Agency website for more information at .


Anything that you might need, we have a solution for it. We have an extensive network of stakeholders that will help bring your business to the next level in the UK. Get in touch and let us know what are your needs.