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Who is on board?


Terra Rossa Restaurant

Terra Rossa brings the flavours of Puglia to London. The land in the south of Italy has been lovingly tended by farmers producing the most sun touched delicious food for generations. At Terra Rossa Restaurant, we want customers to eat our beautifully cooked dishes and taste the ‘Masseria life’ where time slows down enough for them to relax and enjoy the homely taste of simple cooking… and of course with a glass of Puglian wine.


ArtRoom Studio

May it be Exterior or Interior Design, Animations, 3D Modelling, or even Architecture, Artroom Studio offers the highest quality Photorealistic 3D Renders / Vizualizations on the market.



HeartsGlobe is a community of people all around the world who come together to celebrate love. By connecting people and stories we are able to show that love is a communal language, regardless of our ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation.


We make the world better by bringing innovative and eco friendly tyres for people to pedal forever without the fear of a flat.